All On Four Dental Implants Downtown Toronto

Downtown Toronto All On Four Dental Implants

What is the concept of the All-On-Four technique?

This approach is specifically made for patients whom would like to have a total overhaul of their smile and bite with the use of dental implants. Gone are the days that each single missing tooth needs to be replaced by a single implant. Just because you are meant to have 14 teeth in each arch does not mean that you will need 14 implants for your new smile. This technique uses physiologic and scientific principles in order to build a new smile by using only 4 implants per arch. Majority of patients are able to leave with a brand new beautiful smile the same days as the implants are placed. The new smile is fixed in place, so it cannot be removed by the patient, it can only be enjoyed by them.

Are the teeth that I receive in the first day (post-surgery) my final set of teeth?

No. Although, these teeth are made to function immediately, they will need to be replaced. After the surgery the gum and bone tissue need further healing. In about 4-6 months, the majority of the healing has occurred and the patient is often ready for the final set of teeth. We use the first set (the ones you got on the day of surgery) as a guide to see if we can make improvements on your final set of teeth. Overall, you will be getting 2 sets of fixed teeth over the entire course of the treatment.

Why choose this option versus conventional options?

Although reconstructing the jaws with more implants is more beneficial, research and clinical experience has shown us that it does not always need to be done. The concept of all-on-four has been around for many years and the success rates are directly comparable to the reconstructions that are done with more than 4 implants per arch. This approach versus the conventional, allows immediate fixed loading of the implants that are not possible in the latter option. This method is often less costly than the traditional full mouth implant reconstructions.

What are the major advantages of the all-on-four approach?

1. Shorter treatment times – the fixed smile is immediate
2. Lower costs – less implants materials are needed
3. No grafting or sinus lifts – we work around the current patient anatomy to find a solution that works
4. Immediate fixed smile VS removable smile – the teeth you will receive will be attached to the implants the same day and thus you are able to use them instantly
5. Improvement in overall quality of life – eat better, smile better and live better.
6. Prevents further bone loss in edentulous areas – if you do not have teeth or implants inside the jaws, the bone will continue to resorb over time.

How long does this whole procedure take?

After the initial consults and data gathering (i.e. impressions, photos, measurements, etc.) the entire procedure takes from one half to one full day. You will walk into our office on the day of your appointment and walk out with a brand new smile and bite.

How long can this new smile last?

The concept of all-on-four has been documented since the 1970’s. Today many of the same patients are still functioning fine and enjoying their smile. However, just like regular teeth, your new implant bridge will also need to be cared for with regular dental apppointments (i.e. recalls, cleanings, etc.). Although the new smile is resistant to cavities, it is NOT resistant to periodontal disease. If the implants and the bridge are maintained and kept healthy your new bite and smile will continue to flourish over the many years to come.

Only my upper jaw needs a lot of work. Do I have to do both jaws for me to be a candidate for this procedure?

No. During our consult appointment we will review your options with you. In many cases you are able to have the all-on-four on one arch and keep your existing teeth in the opposing arch. If we anticipate that this will create any future problems for you, we will discuss this with you in person. We can do both arches or a single arch at a time, there is no set rules. All patients are different and will require different approaches. We encourage you to come and see us for a consultation to determine if you are a good candidate or not.

Other dentists are also doing this procedure. What make you different than them?

Many general dentists are performing their own dental implant surgeries and restorations. Majority of these dentists have completed a weekend course or a fellowship with 40-50 hours of implant training. In some cases this is adequate training for smaller and more simpler cases. Dr. Ali Khadivi is a certified Prosthodontist with a fellowship in Oral and Maxillofacial Prosthodontics. He has trained an additional 4 years (on top of the 4 years of dental school all dentists require) in full mouth reconstruction. Almost all of his cases are planned digitally which allows him to control implant positions and angulations to the 0.1 mm level. This is a large benefit for the patient as the margin for error drops dramatically with this digital approach. This increased accuracy and thoroughness often leads to a more successful outcome. The process to place an implant is not difficult. The planning that leads up to it and the course of action is very important. If there are any complications, then that is when having a Specialist on your treatment team becomes very beneficial. Complications are rare, but when they occur these cases often get sent to specialists such as Dr. Ali Khadivi in order for him to find a solution for correction.

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