Endodontics Downtown Toronto

Downtown Toronto Endodontics

Endodontic treatment also known as Root canal treatment, is a dental procedure in which the diseased or damaged pulp of a tooth is removed and the inside areas the pulp chamber and root canals are filled and sealed. Endodontic therapy or root canal therapy is a sequence of treatment for the infected pulp of a tooth which results in the elimination of infection and the protection of the decontaminated tooth from future microbial invasion.

When the nerve of your tooth becomes infected, a successful root canal treatment lets you keep the tooth rather than having to pull it out. Keeping your tooth helps to prevent your other teeth from drifting out of line and causing jaw problems. Saving a natural tooth avoids having to replace it with an artificial tooth.

If you’ve got any questions about the Endodontic Downtown Toronto treatment also known as Root canal treatment or anything else that concerns you, we are happy to answer them.