There are several reasons why you might need downtown Toronto pinhole surgery. This is  the innovative technique that looks after receding gums. We want our patients to have all the necessary information. Here’s a blog that can walk you through this dental process and why it works.

There is research stating 88% of people that are over the age of 65 experience some kind of gum disease. The same data says they’ve lost at least one tooth. This technique shows excellent promise as a long-lasting solution to dealing with these issues.

Why You Need It

There are several different reasons you might have an issue with your gums. These include:

  • Aggressive brushing. If you brush your teeth the wrong way or too hard, your gums can recede. Remember that most dental professionals even suggest a soft bristled toothbrush.
  • Using tobacco products and smoking. Tobacco products can actually cause your teeth and gums to separate. That makes your mouth more susceptible to different infections.
  • Gum Disease. Remember that receding gums do not grow back. It’s a good idea to treat gum disease when it’s gingivitis before it becomes the more serious form called peritonitis.

Why Downtown Toronto Pinhole Surgery is the Clear Choice 

There are several benefits to this type of dental surgery. One of the big ones is you only need one treatment session. This is the technique that stops gingivitis in its tracks before it becomes more serious. This is the procedure and treatment option that doesn’t need any sutures or grafting.

That means there is only minimal swelling and discomfort. Usually, patients heal up completely 24 hours afterwards. That means they can get back to their regular routines quicker than with other options.

Bone Grafting

There are several ways this procedure is different than bone grafting. There is no need to rebuild the gum tissue. Special tools are used to loosen it through the tiny hole made. That way the gums can be expanded and moved to cover any exposed part of your tooth.

One of the other big benefits to this process is the fact that there is no harvesting of healthy tissue. In the end, patients get a natural appearance that helps you to feel and look your very best.

It’s important that you have enough gum tissue to proceed. Get in touch with us for a consultation so you can decide if you’re a good candidate for downtown Toronto pinhole surgery.