The kind of downtown Toronto full mouth rehabilitation we offer does several different things. For many of our patients this treatment involves rebuilding their bite. There’s also an element of returning function so they can chew and speak properly. Of course, aesthetics is a big part of this treatment. By the end of it, patients tell us they feel better about their lives and have restored self-confidence.

We understand that the human mouth is designed to do several things like breathing, eating and speaking. Chipped, cracked or missing teeth are just a few of the issues that can change your appearance and effect your overall sense of self.

A Combination

Full mouth reconstruction becomes necessary when the full set of upper and lower teeth need to be replaced. We can work on your natural teeth, cosmetic implants, or a combination of both to get good results.

There are a few situations that can be corrected by this procedure. These include:

  • Missing teeth. Whether you’ve started to lose your teeth due to old age or accident, the downtown Toronto full mouth rehabilitation we supply can give you back your smile. Restoring full function and integrity of missing teeth is what we do.
  • Sometimes the tooth fracture is obvious. Other times, a crack that might be a big problem is not visible. Patients might experience pain when they are eating. A tooth that has been fractured might also become very sensitive to cold and hot liquids.

All kinds of dental trauma are a regular occurrence. They can happen through sporting injuries, motor vehicle accidents and even accidental slips and falls. The best way to decide if you need this kind of rehabilitation is to come in for a consultation.

We’ve been able to help thousands of patients restore their smiles and self-esteem. Take a few minutes to look at our dental team. We have motivated experts on staff who are dedicated to your oral hygiene. Then there’s the management team of registered dental hygienists who are committed to your smile.

Years of Experience

The clinical team has years of experience. They are motivated and ready to help. Finally, our schedule and treatment coordinating members are all available to do their part.

If you need an appointment to discuss Downtown Toronto full mouth rehabilitation, just click the convenient tab on our website. Don’t forget to connect with us on social media. You can also call us or email to get in touch.