We have clients who are looking for implants or downtown Toronto dental bridges. They come to us asking which one is better. Here’s a few reasons why we generally tell them to take the bridge.

Bridges Keeps Other Teeth in Place

When you’ve lost a tooth, the healthy ones shift into the open space. A dental bridge keeps all your teeth in the proper spot. If you’ve noticed your teeth have started to shift, the reason might be your age.

Teeth are considered a living tissue. That means they are always moving. The ones on the bottom jaw tend to move closer to the front of your mouth as you age. This can cause crowding and overlapping.

Missing Tooth

There are several other reasons for shifting along with a missing tooth. The ligaments and tissue as well as the muscles in your mouth get weaker as you age.

The bottom line is your teeth will shift as you put more candles on a birthday cake. A dental bridge is a good way to keep that down to a minimum.

Bridges Are Fast

You should only need two or three dental appointments to get a bridge. This procedure involves anchoring an artificial tooth or teeth in the spot where you’re missing some. We need to file down the healthy teeth on either side of the spot where the bridge will go. After we take impressions and send them to a laboratory, your custom-made bridge will be fitted.

Implants take a few months from start to finish.

Getting Used to Bridges Is Easy

A good dental bridge will last 10 years. In no time at all, you’ll forget you are wearing one of these dental appliances. Maintaining healthy teeth around the bridge is important. That’s why you’ll need to carry on with a dental hygiene routine that includes flossing and brushing.

Bridges Fill Your Face Out

Missing teeth can actually change the way you look. Your face can actually sag and cause premature aging which can affect your self-confidence. If you have several missing teeth and don’t replace them with the bridge, the appearance of your lower face can change.

Your teeth maintain the structure of your jaw and the length of your face. Downtown Toronto dental bridges can also help support the muscles in your cheeks. Get in touch with us and we can book a consultation for you.