Downtown Toronto dental implants are an excellent way to keep your smile bright. Even if you’ve only lost one tooth, these are an excellent option. Like any other cosmetic dental procedure, there’s a few things you need to know about beforehand.

Like why having receding gums can be an issue and what you can do about it.

Dental implants need to be anchored in healthy gums and a strong jawbone.

A Sneaky Enemy That Does Damage

Gum disease is a sneaky enemy. It can creep up and put the brakes on your dental implant plans temporarily. One of the big problems is it can do damage before you know it’s a problem.

Remember receding gums can’t be ignored when you’re planning on getting downtown Toronto dental implants.

Why It Happens

There are several reasons why your gums recede. The most common one is gingivitis. If you leave this common form of gum disease untreated, your gums are sure to suffer. Some of the other reasons aren’t as well known. For example, people who brush too hard put too much pressure on their gums.

Diabetes is a disease that has been linked to receding gums. There’s even a genetic factor in some people. If you have crooked teeth, that can pull your gums to one side or the other.

What to Look For

There are some red flags everyone should be aware of. Got one tooth that looks longer than the other ones around it? How about some yellow stains were the tooth disappears into the gum line? These are signs that your gums are receding.

What You Can Do

If you’re looking to get Downtown Toronto dental implants and you have gum disease, take heart. You have a few options to slow the problem down or even correct it. Periodontal therapy at your dentist’s office is one of the best routes to take.

There are a few things that you can do on your own. Attacking gum disease by brushing and flossing regularly is number one. Buying a soft bristle toothbrush that’s not so hard on your gums helps.

You might need some orthodontic work to straighten your teeth out. This is a great way to prevent gingivitis from creeping up on you.

Healthy gums and great looking downtown Toronto dental implants go hand in hand.