Getting downtown Toronto dental implants don’t need to be overwhelming or daunting. This is one of the most popular ways people replace missing teeth. The implants we use are state-of-the-art and usually made of titanium.

The first stage of this procedure is placed into your jawbone and mimics the actual root of your missing tooth.  We like to tell our patients there are several factors that determine how long the whole process will take.

  • Your overall dental health. If you’re suffering from gum disease or any other dental issue, we will probably want to clear that up before proceeding.
  • The number of dental implants that we are going to install. For example, surgery for a single implant only takes several hours from beginning to end.
  • How much other work needs to be done before we start with our downtown Toronto dental implants. If we need to take several teeth out before we can begin with the surgery, the process is drawn out a little longer.

Downtown Toronto Dental Implants

Making sure that you’re ready for this type of minor operation is an important part of making sure it is successful. Usually, when you come in to see us for a consultation, we will give you some preoperative instructions. These might include:

  • Antibiotics are a medication we might prescribe for a few days before implant surgery. This is generally done as a preventative measure to make sure there are no infections lurking in your gums. Our downtown Toronto dental implants procedure is designed to be transparent and effective.
  • Making sure that you have someone who can drive you to our clinic and take you home afterward. If you choose oral sedation or have an IV during the surgery, you’ll more than likely be too groggy to operate a motor vehicle afterward for at least a few hours. It’s better to make sure you’ve got a ride so you can ease into recovery.

After we’ve placed our downtown Toronto dental implants, you might experience a little discomfort for a short period of time afterward. Normally, there’s some bruising and swelling in and around your gums.

This can usually be treated with an ordinary painkiller that you find at your local pharmacy. Usually, we tell our patients that they can expect to be able to go back to work the next day after our downtown Toronto dental implants surgery is finished.