We’ve dedicated to making sure you get the best Downtown Toronto Endodontic Treatment possible. Not only that, it’s important to us that you have all the necessary information too.

We know there’s some myths that surround this treatment. That’s why we decided to put this blog together.

Myth Number One: These Treatments are Painful

While it’s true that having a root canal was uncomfortable years ago, that’s not the case today. Due to the latest innovations and technological advancements, having one of these procedures today is no more painful than having a cavity filled in.

In fact, the pain that you can suffer through with an infected tooth is quite often worse. Remember our Downtown Toronto Endodontic Treatment team is professional. They are experts in a variety of pain management techniques.

Myth Two: Endodontic Treatment Can Cause Other Illnesses

We always tell our patients to be very careful about what they read on the Internet. We’ve seen articles posted online and other places that say you can get sick from a root canal. Those types of claims are based on research that has been proven false. In fact, the study in question can be traced back to almost a century ago.

That was well before modern medicine.

Myth Number Three: It’s Better to Have an Extraction

We always try and save your natural teeth. Because we are dentists and committed to your overall oral hygiene, it’s always the first priority. In our experience, there is nothing that can replace the function of one of your original teeth.

That’s why we always favor a root canal over-extraction. Research tells us that endodontic treatments have an outstanding success rate. In fact, it’s been our experience that many teeth that have undergone a root canal will last for a lifetime.

The Downtown Toronto Endodontic Treatment we favor is thorough and comfortable. Other treatments like implant or bridges often need more time and more follow-up procedures. These might even involve supporting tissue and neighboring teeth.

Remember, there’s nothing that functions, feels or looks like one of your original teeth. We always recommend regular flossing and brushing. A checkup every six months is the best way to make sure that you have a beautiful smile.

When one of your natural teeth becomes infected or diseased, we can look after the process to save that tooth.  Our Downtown Toronto Endodontic Treatment experts are always here to help.