Our downtown Toronto sedation dentistry clinic is committed to making sure you enjoy your visit. That’s why if even the idea of having your teeth professionally cleaned or some other kind of dental work done makes you anxious, we have the solution.

Downtown Toronto sedation dentistry is the answer to helping patients calm their anxiety. This process uses medication to help folks relax while they are undergoing any dental procedures. Although this is sometimes called sleep dentistry, usually the patients are awake through the process.

There are several different levels that are used. These include what’s often called minimal sedation. This is where you would be awake but relaxed. It suits certain types of dental procedures. Sometimes it’s a good idea so that the dentist and patient can keep in contact during the process.

Downtown Toronto Sedation Dentistry


Moderate sedation is the next step up in the kind of downtown Toronto sedation dentistry we offer. You’ll be a little groggier during what’s often called “conscious sedation”. We have noticed some patients slur their words and you might not be able to remember much of the process.

Deep sedation, like the name implies, puts you on the edge of consciousness. And then, of course, there is general anesthesia where you are completely out.

A Consultation

We’d be more than happy to have a consultation with you if you suffer from dental anxiety. There are many different new products and medications on the dental market that help to alleviate pain. Dental patches and anesthetic gels are just two of these modern innovations. We always like to tell our patients that we understand their anxiety completely. After all, beneath our white dental coats, we are people just like you who want to keep a beautiful smile for a lifetime.

Treating People

Over the years that we’ve been treating people with our comprehensive downtown Toronto sedation dentistry services, we’ve also made some suggestions about calming your dental fears. Writing them down generally helps. Not only so that you can recognize them yourself, but so you can explain to our dentists exactly what’s causing your issues.

That way we will be able to help you. One of the other suggestions we have is that you bring someone with you on the day of your dental appointment. It’s a good idea to bring a friend or family member who doesn’t share your phobias about going to the dentist. We also suggest you book your appointments in the morning wherever possible so you will have less time to dwell on your anxiety.

We are always ready to help at our downtown Toronto sedation dentistry clinic.