Downtown Toronto sleep dentistry is another one of the services offered to seniors. It’s important everyone at any age is comfortable. That often means assuring older folks we have a number of different ways to lessen their dental anxiety.

We are a family-run group of dental clinics. There are three different choices you have when it comes to Downtown Toronto sleep dentistry. We’ll be sure to find the right one for you.

As a senior, there are some other areas that need to be addressed so you can keep your natural teeth.

For example, over the years we have noticed there is a strong relationship between some medications and cavities. Some of the medications seniors take for common issues like high blood pressure or high cholesterol can cause dry mouth.

Sprays and Mouthwashes

If that’s the case, there are a variety of local pharmacy moisturizers like sprays and mouthwashes that can help. If you can’t cut back on the medication, try drinking a little more water.

If you need to come in for a procedure and feel a little anxious, we’ve got some solutions for that as well. Nitrous oxide is both effective and safe. If we’ve decided to include this in your dental treatment, try not to eat or drink anything for several hours before.

Downtown Toronto Sleep Dentistry and Gum Disease

It’s just a fact of life that many older folks get some kind of gum disease. That doesn’t mean you’re not looking after your teeth or practicing proper dental hygiene routines. One of the big problems with gum disease is it’s quite often painless and undetectable before it becomes advanced.

That’s why we recommend regular dental visits. We can even lessen any anxiety you feel with a variety of oral sedatives. If we decide to use one of these during your gum disease treatment, you should bring someone along to drive you home.

Oral Cancer

Unfortunately, the number of cases of oral cancer rises as you get older. In fact, the American Cancer Society estimates there are over 30,000 cases diagnosed each year. Once again, regular dental visits can catch any problems early.

If you come in for a consultation, experts can walk you through the downtown Toronto sleep dentistry options we offer. If you notice any changes in your mouth like white patches or open sores that last for longer than two weeks, book an appointment.