Downtown Toronto Dental Veneers are gaining in popularity. They can correct both structural and cosmetic problems quickly. There’s lots of different options that go with porcelain veneers. This treatment is designed to make your smile and teeth look better. These are placed in the front of your mouth or on the sides so people can see them when you talk or smile.

Dental veneers fix a number of different issues like spaces between the teeth and discoloration. If you’ve got crooked teeth or ones that are chipped and cracked, these are a good fix.

Here’s a few boxes to check if you’re looking for the right veneers.

Colour Matters

Picking the right color is a big part of being happy with the finished product. It’s easy to make a choice through a dental colour chart. These are divided into different categories and subcategories. That way you’ll be able to check off the colour you want as well as the tone. Selecting the shade is easy too. We often suggest you go to shades lighter than your natural tooth colour.

The Right Shade of White

Many of our patients are surprised to find out there’s more than one shade of white to choose from. The best way is to pick a colour that looks as much like a natural healthy set of teeth. If you choose to go to white, your veneers will look like the real thing.

Here’s a tip we use for our patients. Choosing the same shade as the whites in your eyes helps the veneer look great.

Downtown Toronto Dental Veneers and Shape

Our patients are surprised by all the choices they need to make. The shape of your face is the next factor. Your veneers should add to that. Here’s an example. If you’ve got a slim face,   thinner longer veneers are the way to go. On the other hand, if your face is long, you’ll want to get wider and shorter appliances.

The idea is to get the most suitable smile. People are surprised to find out that each tooth is different and you need to choose the right shape veneer. For example, functional veneers are slightly rounded. The canines are pointed to mimic a natural set of teeth.

We can walk you through everything you need to know about Downtown Toronto dental veneers.