Like the name suggests, downtown Toronto full mouth rehabilitation can change the way your teeth and mouth look. It’s possible to change the position, colour size and shape of your teeth to your specifications. As you might have already imagined, this can be a long and involved process. That’s why it’s a good idea for you to consider some of the following before you get started.

We always suggest that you start with your goals first. These are broken down into three different categories.

For Health Reasons

Some of our patients have gum disease. They are going to lose their teeth and want to have replacements so they can chew and speak properly. Other issues we see that require downtown Toronto full mouth rehabilitation include TMJ. Quite often correcting the bite is the only way to fix the problem.

Remember, this should not be an impulsive decision. We recommend that you take a long hard look at why your looking at this type of dental surgery. It’s a long-term investment so you want to make the right decision.

For Functional Reasons

Some people are missing teeth. Others have an overbite or poorly aligned molars. You’re a candidate for this type of dental surgery if you’re having problems eating properly. Other folks don’t want to wear removable dentures. Some people feel they can’t get a proper fit.

Other issues can cause problems with eating and your speech. There are  patients who have never replaced lost teeth. These people want to stop any erosion of their jawbone.

For Aesthetic Goals

Some people just simply don’t like their smile. They might have an overbite or crooked teeth. Both of these are legitimate reasons why patients come to see us for downtown Toronto full mouth rehabilitation.

We offer this service to our clients. Each and every patient gets the very best dental treatment. Because we are a family run practice, we offer a welcoming, friendly atmosphere. We are exceptionally proud of the fact that we’ve been serving our community since 1995. The staff we employ are dedicated and passionate.

It doesn’t matter whether you are looking for comprehensive treatments or a regular cleaning. Our facility treats everyone the way we would want to be treated. If you’re looking for professional downtown Toronto full mouth rehabilitation, let’s start a conversation today.