Downtown Toronto dental veneers are shells that can be fit over your teeth. This is an especially helpful dental appliance if you have teeth there are chipped or cracked. Generally, these are considered to be cosmetic. However, they can be part of an overall dental tuneup that includes covering up after accidents.

One of the big advantages is the fact they are stain resistant. There are several different kinds including porcelain and composite. The downtown Toronto dental veneers we favor are generally of the porcelain variety. These are quite often more stain resistant and they look more natural than their composite counterparts.

Downtown Toronto Dental Veneers Process 

Here’s an overview of the process involved. We want you to know what to expect when you come in to have dental veneers fitted.

First off, there is a preliminary visit. That’s where one of our technicians will take x-rays. It’s the beginning of the process. It gives us an idea of the overall landscape of your teeth.

The actual procedure comes next. This is where our dentist will trim a small amount of your enamel. Only about half a millimeter needs to be shaved off to prepare your teeth for the new veneers.

Existing Teeth

A mold will also be taken of your existing teeth. This gets sent to a lab to prepare the veneers. Generally, this part of the process takes about two weeks. Finally, we will clean your teeth before placing the new cosmetic appliances. It’s also a good idea to slightly roughen the surface of your teeth. This improves the adhesion of the veneer.

A special cement is used to attach the veneer. Usually, we schedule a follow-up visit for several weeks later. This is the best way to check on the adhesion and to make sure everything looks good.

Once everything is done, you simply need to follow an oral hygiene routine to keep your veneers looking good.

Brushing and Flossing

Brushing twice daily with a soft bristle toothbrush is still a best practice. You should also floss at least that many times a day.

With proper maintenance, these cosmetic dental products should last up to a decade. If you have any questions, our experts are happy to answer them. Fitting you with downtown Toronto dental veneers you can be proud of is our priority.