Our Downtown Toronto Endodontics experts have all of the special training to save your teeth so you can enjoy a beautiful smile. We have excellent specialized technical knowledge and training. Our priority is always supplying you with the very finest quality dental care.

When do you need to come and see us?

We talk to people almost every day who aren’t entirely sure when they should come to see our Downtown Toronto Endodontics team. We understand having dental work done isn’t always on everyone’s priority list. However, it’s important that everyone understands tooth pain is usually a symptom of a larger problem. That’s why we always suggest that you look after it as soon as possible.

Save The Tooth

Not only will you feel better, it’s more than likely that you’ll be able to save the tooth that’s bothering you. There are a few red flags that you should pay attention to. These are generally a sign that you need work done.

  • This is always one of the biggest indications that something is wrong. There are several common causes including decay, gum disease or an impacted tooth. Almost any problem that’s causing you discomfort won’t go away by itself.
  • Sensitivity to hot and cold. This is another telltale sign that you should come and see our Downtown Toronto Endodontics specialists. Your tooth can be sensitive to hot or cold beverages and in some cases even the air.
  • Swelling. This is another factor indicating you have an issue. Swelling around the teeth and gums clearly points to a problem. You should also make an appointment quickly if the side of your face swells as well.

Our Downtown Toronto Endodontics facility is welcoming and friendly. Our administrative staff are knowledgeable and compassionate. We go out of our way to answer each of your questions before any procedure. Our technology is state-of-the-art.

Extra Training Following Dental School

Endodontic dentists are specialists who have completed extra training following dental school. In some cases that can mean up to an extra two years of additional instruction. They understand how to perform both simple and complicated procedures. Everything they do is geared towards saving your tooth and your smile.

If you are suffering from any of the symptoms listed above, get in touch with our Downtown Toronto Endodontics team today.